Water Filter Claris

CLARIS filter cartridge for a long life of your Nespresso machine

Cappucinatore Kit

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Why water filter?

Do not you want to descale your machine all the time? Do you want to enhance the taste of your coffee?

Then you should take regularly filtered water.

You have the possibility to insert the filters of Nespresso directly into the tank or to let your water run through a water filter before use. The latter is cheaper but more complicated.

Nespresso has special water filters that you screw into the water tank. The advantages:

Always freshly filtered water
-direct placement in the water tank
-ph - coffee neutral
-uncorrected coffee aroma
- protects the device
hard to lime, gentle to the machine
for even better coffee enjoyment
- always fresh water, filtering takes place directly on water
Filter capacity: 50 liters (about 350 covers) or a maximum of 2 months
-The filter cartridge was specially developed for Nespresso coffee machines,
Fresh water and unadulterated aromas for maximum pampering of your palate
- Lifetime for your device
The interplay of organic materials filters out the following substances: lime (Ca), chlorine (Cl), lead (Pb), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al).