Nespresso Lungo Decaffeinato Professional



Lungo Decaffeinato is a balanced decaffeinated coffee made from a complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas, combining toasted cereal and sweet notes with all the subtlety and floral hints of East African Arabicas.


  • Origin


Lungo Decaffeinato is a complex blend of decaffeinated Arabicas from several origins including Ethiopia and Colombia, whose aromatic strength and richness have been carefully preserved during the decaffeination process, which respects the coffee beans’ true nature.


  • Roasting


Separate roasting of the beans develops the complexity of the flavours. A moderate roast preserves the subtle flowery bouquet of the Ethiopian beans, while a longer and darker roast brings out the body and toasted notes of the Latin American Arabicas, for a balanced in-cup result.


  • Aromatic profile


A rich and complex character with toasted cereal notes, as well as sweet and delicate floral hints.


·         50 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso Professional system.


Packaged in a protective atmosphere.


·         Ingredients & allergens


Roast and ground coffee. Allergens none present.


·         Net Weight (for 50 capsules)


300 g - 10.6 oz


Nespresso Lungo Decaffeinato Professional

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